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Rubber contests are all about having fun. We leave all of the drama behind, and Mr. Florida Rubber is no different.

We make every effort to help our Mr. Florida Rubber attend the Mr. International Rubber contest held in Chicago in November. We also plan many fun activities and fundraisers throughout the year.  Please review this page and the Contestant Information you can download here.

This application below and the Contestant Information contains the information you need to know to compete in Mr. Florida Rubber. Please review the guidelines and information carefully. You must agree to the guidelines on the next page to submit your application. Please contact us at if you have any questions about the application or the Contestant Information.


  • The winner of the title MFR 2022 is required to attend and judge the Mr. Florida Rubber 2021 contest, likely to be held in Fort Lauderdale approximately one year following their victory.
  • As the winner of the title, their primary responsibility is to promote the Florida rubber fetish scene and the Mr. Florida Rubber contest as part of the Florida rubber scene.
  • The winner is expected to host a minimum of 2 fundraisers. One to support the travel fund for winners to go to MIR and the other to support Mr. Florida Rubber, a 501 (c) 3 organization.
  • Finally, MFR 2022 is strongly encouraged to attend additional leather and rubber fetish events whenever possible to promote the Florida rubber scene, the Mr. Florida Rubber Contest as well as promoting and acknowledging the companies that have provided the prizes that accompany his title. He should use his best judgment as to which events will benefit him and the title the most.
  • MFR 2022 should maintain regular and frequent contact with Mr. Florida Rubber event staff to assist in planning and promotion and to provide regular updates on


The prize package for winners is different each year and dependent on donations from vendors and supporters of Mr. Florida Rubber.


Mr. Florida Rubber will support the winner in arranging fundraisers in support of the travel fund.

Each contestant in the Mr. Florida Rubber contest:
1. must agree to the Contestant Information Guidelines

2. must be male and at least 21 years old by the date of the contest;
3. must have a demonstrated interest in rubber/latex, BDSM or fetishes as determined by the judging panel;
4. must agree to appear onstage wearing appropriate rubber/latex and fetish gear and participate in all judged categories while conforming to local regulations pertaining to nudity and obscenity. For the purposes of this contest, testicles and penis must be covered at all times and a minimum one inch strip of material must cover the anus at all times;
5. must own all rubber/latex clothing worn onstage during the contest, with the exception of props used during portions of the contest;
6. must agree to represent the Mr. Florida Rubber title, if he wins, throughout his title year and refrain from competing in any other leather/rubber/fetish contest until the conclusion of his Mr. Florida Rubber title year except for Mr. International Rubber;
7. must agree to permit on-stage photographs to be taken of him for use on the Mr. Florida Rubber website or related publications and promotional activities;
8. must be available beginning Friday night, February 18th at 6pm and should appear at all MFR sponsored events during the weekend through February 20th at 6pm.
9. must be a resident of Florida.

Note: Please plan time for yourself to decompress on either side of the contest and on either side of daily events.

Contestant Registration Form