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The Ramrod

Eagle Bar Wilton Manors

Courtyard Cafe

General Information

Getting Around

Getting around Fort Lauderdale is easy and inexpensive.  It’s easy to hop a Ride Share and you can get to most locations in less than 15 minutes and for less than $20.  While car rentals are available, most locations in Wilton Manors have limited parking.  If you stay in the Wilton Manors area, you can also walk to most of the local restaurants and bars and avoid transport all together.

Visit for discount information for Uber and Lyft.

Where to Stay

There are many places to stay in South Florida.  Depending on what you want to do during the weekend, we’d suggest any number of places.

Stay Near Wilton Drive (The Gay Strip)

Wilton Manors Guest Houses

Stay Near the Gay Beach (Sebastian Beach)

Beach Guest Houses