MFR 2018 Slickin' It Up

MFR 2018 @ Miami Beach Gay Pride

Mr. Florida Rubber Contest 2018

Community Beach Day MFR 2018 Sponsored by Onyx Deep South

Community Bar Crawl MFR 2018

Enforced Dress Code (EDC) MFR 2018

Mr. Florida Rubber @ Mr. Ramrod

Stonewall Pride 2017

Mr. Florida Rubber 2017 Rubbered Up

MFR 2017

Holiday Cheer in Gear 2016

MFR 2016 at MIR

Lube Up Sept 2016

Pub Crawl June 2016

Wilton Manors Stonewall Pride--MFR and our sisters and brothers

FRT Rubber Social Invasion of Rosie's May 2016