About Us

Mr. Florida Rubber

Mr. Florida Rubber is a 501(c)3 formed to “support and promote the rubber community and to raise awareness and educate people within the state of Florida and elsewhere about the rubber community and rubber lifestyle.”

Interested in competing at our annual Mr. Florida Rubber weekend? GREAT! You’ll have a blast–we promise. Please send an email to mrfloridarubber@gmail.com and we’ll get you more information!

Interested in volunteering for this or any other event? Thank you!
And again, please send us a message at mrfloridarubber@gmail.com and we’ll be in touch.

The Florida Rubber Tribe

The Florida Rubber Tribe is a social group for kinksters from the Fort Lauderdale, Wilton Manors, Miami, Oakland Park, The Palm Beaches in Florida and beyond who are into rubber gear including latex, industrial rubber, neoprene “wetsuits”, waders, rubber boots, and gas masks. “The Tribe” is informal in nature, meaning there are no dues or officers. The group functions by consensus; what the majority of participants want, the volunteer organizers try to accomplish.

While the founding members of the group are gay men who love rubber fetish and play, The Florida Rubber Tribe works to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for rubbermen and rubberwomen of all persuasions. Occasionally we may host events that may have some attendance restrictions, but as a matter of practice, if you like hanging out with rubberheads, then you are welcomed.

We hold social gatherings multiple times a year. Many of our events will be rubber incursions at one of Fort Lauderdale’s many fun bars and clubs. Sometimes we might be supporting another group’s event and other times we might just gather for lunch or dinner. We try to represent rubber on the third Sunday of each month for Ramrod’s Enforced Dress Code night. Occasionally, we’ll pack up our gear and lube and head to help represent the rubber fetish at other events across the state.

Check out our events page or join our group on Facebook for details on our events.

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